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Egg Artist

Part of the reason I wanted to start this website was to help inspire a younger generation to learn this wonderful artform. We have lost so many wonderful egg artists recently, and it saddens me to think that the egg world may not flourish in the years to come.


Although it is a concern, I am pleased to hear that during our recent lockdown many people were picking up hobbies and crafts to entertain themselves during these troubled times. With all these talented people making beautiful art, I hope to see a resurgence in the interest of this talent that the few of us have become very attached to, in addition to the younger generations joining us.

Please look at the resources below, and if you are interested at all give a call to those on this page. They are wonderful people and are there to help you.  With these resources, you will be able to purchase blown eggs, buy kits, and find a teacher nearby to indulge your imagination into the wonderful world of egg art. There are shows around the country to help inspire you, so...get egging!


Blown Eggs for Decorating- Metzer Farms-


Kits for Purchase and Egg Supplies- The Golden Egg of Idaho-


If you are lucky enough to live in Colorado contact Deb Botts Poster for individual instruction.

Email her at :


For a list of teachers by area and for upcoming shows contact the IEAG ( The International Egg Art Guild) on Facebook.

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