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Sweet Pea Patch Handmade Ornaments

As a child I was always fascinated by the sparkle and shine of a decorated Christmas tree. I had my favorite ornaments and I enjoyed finding them in the Christmas decoration box. Those favorite ornaments were always the first ones we put on our tree.

As an adult I still have my personal favorites that go on the tree first. I have enjoyed decorating a rectory Christmas tree for a parish in the local area. I have my favorite ornaments that are the first to go onto their Christmas tree as well.

I want to create ornaments that glitter and shine but also have a personal meaning. I love the shape of eggs and so it was natural for me to try to find and create ornaments that look nice but also have a theme that relates to events or memories in my life.


I love to research history because it always inspires me creatively, here is what I found on Wiki.

Glass ornaments

Figural glass Christmas ornaments originated in the small town of Lauscha, Germany in the latter half of the 19th century. The town had long produced fine glassware. The production of Christmas ornaments became a family affair for many people. Some families invested 16 hours a day in production. For some, it was their sole source of income.

Sometimes competitions were held. Prizes were awarded to the family producing the finest examples. Santa Clauses, angels, birds, animals, and other traditional Yuletide subjects were favorites.

F.W. Woolworth discovered these glass ornaments on a toy and doll buying trip to Sonnenburg, Germany in the 1890s. He sold them in his "five and ten cent" stores in America. The ornaments were said to have contributed to Woolworth's great business success.

For the American market, figures were blown depicting comic book characters as well as patriotic subjects such as Uncle Sams, eagles, and flags. Glassblowers have held on to the old molds. Glass ornaments are still created from these old molds.

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