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Egg Artistry

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

All eggs used in the artist’s ornament creations and dioramas are responsibly sourced from a bird farm. We use professionally drilled, blown and cleaned eggs. This process helps maintain the integrity of the shells and minimizes cracks and mold.

Please keep in mind that eggs are not perfectly oval , round or smooth, you may see bumps, uneven coloring in unpainted eggs and striations. Eggs are somewhat fragile and must be handled carefully.

Sizes of the eggs used for your design:

Eggs are measured from the blow hole all the way around the egg to the blow hole. These are approximate measurements. If you need exact measurements of your egg, please contact us online.

Quail- These eggs are very small and average from 2.5” to 3” in circumference.

Duck – These eggs are on the smaller side and average from 5”-7.5” in circumference.

Turkey-These eggs are a medium size egg and average from 5.5”-8”

Goose- These eggs are a medium to large size egg and average from 8.5”-9.5” in circumference.

Rhea- These eggs are a large to extra-large egg and average from 13”-14” in circumference.

Ostrich- These are the largest eggs available and average between 15”-18” in circumference .

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