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About Sweet Pea Designs

Sweet Pea Designs
Egg Artist
Egg Artist Michelle Walker

My mother always had impeccable taste and I remember the ornaments she and I would put on our tree at Christmas. When I see a unique Christmas ornament I always think of my mom.


As I had my two children and grandchildren, I started a sweet family tradition we have all cherished and continued throughout the years. From the time they were born each child and grandchild received a “Pea” name. So, this site is dedicated to Sweet Pea, Pea Sweet, Sweetie Pea, Huggy Pea, Rosy Pea, Cutey Pea, Lovely Pea, Cuddly Pea, and Meischka Pea.


Each year I thought about what special holiday gift I could make to give to my family and friends. It had to be something they would love and not have received before. At first, it was hard to come up with something unique. Since I have always loved Russian royal eggs that the Tsar commissioned, I created my own version.


A few years back, I found an egg artist to teach me the art of working on real eggs.  I have enjoyed giving the eggs I create as special gifts and have heard many times that I should start a website to sell my pieces. Thus, Sweet Pea Patch Designs was “hatched.”


Recently, we took a trip to the United Kingdom and the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. During that visit I fell in love with the Illuminated letters in prayer books. On our return, I decided to create a modern version using an embossed stamping technique. The letters are something I work painstakingly on to add dimension and color with standard watercolor, gouache, embossing powders, and embellishments.


I am also fond of animals and tiny things. I have combined those two loves to create miniatures that bring a smile to the faces of those who see them.


I hope each piece offered here brings happiness to the recipients of these labors of love. May each creation become a family heirloom!

                                         Michelle Walker, Owner Sweet Pea Patch Designs

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